yuenu: Okie dokie, going to ask you about the prompt you filled for me (jongyu, candy, band class) because I loved it SO much. Firstly, did Jonghyun ever notice Jinki staring at him as he rolled a piece of candy around his mouth? When did Jonghyun start developing feelings for Jinki? How does his oral fixation play out in bed? How'd they first meet in elementary school? Sorry if I've asked too many questions. I'm so curious, yeah~




Alrighty,so, lets go through these one by one.

  1. Yes he absolutely has noticed and he lOVES teasing Jinki with it when he catches him, even before the kiss thing. Jinki would just kinda zone out sometimes staring at Jjong’s mouth and so he’d makes his tongue a little extra playful~
  2. Jjong realized he liked Jinki way back in middle school, but he was too busy dealing with the usual middle school bullshit to really do anything about it (also he would have got his ass beat but his high school was a bit more open about that kinda stuff so yeah)
  3. CANDY SCENTED BLOWJOBS Jinki thinks it’s great. Well kind of. He’s noticed that jjong will only eat certain flavours when hes ~in the mood~ so some smells kinda give him embarrassing boners now. Namely grape and watermelon. Omg one time Jjong sucked him off right after eating like three grape lollipops and it turned Jinki’s dick purple and they’ve never laughed harder at anything in their life. (Also whenever jjong goes away jinki will pleasure himself while eating some of jjong’s candy because he’s so conditioned to it)
  4. And as for their first meeting, that’s really easy. Jjong was kind of a shy kid and always hid under the slide during recess, which just so happened to be Jinki’s favourite thing to play on. The rest is history.

On A Blue Night, I Want to Be With You


Jongyu, band!fic

genre: romance, slice of life

length: ficlet, w/c 343

warnings: none

a/n : I have 7 month-old prompts in my inbox and an exchange fic that’s long overdue, yet this is the first piece I finish. Inspiration doesn’t answer to convenience.

This ficlet was inspired by Jonghyun’s constant chatter about how he’d treat his girlfriend on Blue Night (here and here), and is actually a plot bunny. I’ll write a one-shot(?) based on this some other day.

Edited on: Saturday, March 29th, 12:07 - 12:11 (title + minor general editing)

Some nights, when the other members are busy with work or asleep in their rooms, Jonghyun and Jinki lay down on the living room floor, empty cans of beer scattered around the room, and talk.

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